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The State of Veterinary Practice Software

State of Veterinary Practice Software   In 2015, in honor of a technology issue of Veterinary Team

A New Tool Connecting Veterinary Practices

The Portal Arrives: Meet rVetLink  Last year I wrote about the State of Veterinary Practice Software in Veterinary

ASPCA Poison Control App

ASPCA’s Poison Control App Introducing an app that the VMD Tech Appidemic is long-overdue to cover!

A Handy Small Animal Emergency App

A Handy Small Animal Emergency App Every once in a while you hear about something very

Techy Medical Math

Techy Medical Math Medical calculations, in my experience, happen to be a particularly fallible part of

Fossum: There’s an App for That

Fossum: There’s an App for That Look alive veterinary students, interns, surgery residents, and seasoned veterinarians

Empower Your Team with Web Apps

Empower Your Team with Web Apps   “Veterinary medicine is constantly changing. Or is it?—The first

The New Plumb’s Digital: Behind the Scenes

Introducing Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs [Update February 2016: Plumb’s iOS and Plumb’s Android apps are available in the

Becoming a Veterinary Photo Pro (Snapseed by Google)

Punch Up Social Engagement with Snapseed The main reason I advocate for veterinarians to embrace social

Become a Veterinary Video Pro

Become a Veterinary Video Pro They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is

Appidemic: A Cattle Vaccine App

Appidemic: Scour Bos Vaccine Wheel Novartis Animal Health has recently released a new mobile application aimed at

Appidemic: Vet Tech UA

Appidemic: Say Hello to Vet Tech UA In our last Appidemic review, we introduced CVMA’s New UTI Tool. Meet a practical

Appidemic: Antimicrobial SmartVet by CVMA

Appidemic: Antimicrobial SmartVet The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, with funding support from the Canadian Animal Health

Introducing the WikiVet App

Vet Appidemic: Meet WikiVet Do you know about the WikiVet project? You should. WikiVet is an awesome,

Top 5 Apps for Pet Owners

Top 5 Apps to Recommend to Pet Owners I guess it comes as no surprise that not

Take Your Textbooks Mobile

Take Your Textbooks Mobile Looking for ways to lug that stack of veterinary texts around that

Social Media Graphic Tips for Veterinary Hospitals

How to Create Clinic Graphics Like a Boss Admit it – when you have a spare

Vet Appidemic: Two New Equine Apps

Vet Appidemic: Hagyard & Rossdales Apps Equine veterinary professionals rejoice! The Appidemic is back and we

Vet Appidemic: AAHA and Epocrates

Vet Appidemic: AAHA App and Epocrates The Appidemic is back! This time we’re introducing one veterinary-specific

Industry Tech: Say Hello to Smart Flow Sheet

Introducing Smart Flow Sheet™ VMD Technology is on a simple mission: to connect the veterinary world

Vet Appidemic: Pet Poison Helpline and Compendium of Vet Products

Vet Appidemic: Pet Poison Helpline & CVP Another double shot of apps is on the way.

Vet Appidemic: UC Davis’s VetPDA and Abbott’s IV Fluids

Vet Appidemic: VetPDA & Abbott IV Fluid Thanks to those who contacted us! I get it…

Vet Appidemic in the News: VetVine Video Series

VetVine + VMD Technology Video Series We’re excited to announce that VMD Technology is being featured

Vet Appidemic: Ophthalmology & CPR Apps

Veterinary Advances: Small Animal Apps Finally, part 3 of 3! In this article, we’ll continue to

Vet Appidemic: An Equine App Explosion

Veterinary Advances: Equine App Extravaganza (Part 2 of 3) The Veterinary Appidemic rolls on! In this

Vet Appidemic: Introducing Veterinary Advances and Equine Drugs

Introducing Veterinary Advances (Part 1 of 3) Welcome back to VMD Tech’s ongoing Vet Appidemic!  Thank

Top 10 Veterinary Pharmacology Resources

Top 10 Techy Veterinary Pharmacology Resources In my (ahem, expert) opinion, there is nothing that veterinary

Vet Appidemic: Target Reference & VetCalc+

Vet Appidemic: Target Reference & VetCalc+ Alert the CDC! It’s here: the first installment of the

It’s a Veterinary Appidemic! An Intro

The Veterinary Appidemic Begins Smartphones and tablets, consider yourselves warned. Veterinary professionals are coming! Welcome to

Call to Action: Veterinary Technology Survey

Call to Action: North American Veterinary Survey on Technology Calling all techy veterinary professionals! Dr. Heather