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A New Tool Connecting Veterinary Practices

The Portal Arrives: Meet rVetLink  Last year I wrote about the State of Veterinary Practice Software in Veterinary

ASPCA Poison Control App

ASPCA’s Poison Control App Introducing an app that the VMD Tech Appidemic is long-overdue to cover!

A Handy Small Animal Emergency App

A Handy Small Animal Emergency App Every once in a while you hear about something very

Techy Medical Math

Techy Medical Math Medical calculations, in my experience, happen to be a particularly fallible part of

The Web CE Survival Guide

The Web CE Survival Guide As the saying goes, “never stop learning”. In our case it’s more

Appidemic: Vet Tech UA

Appidemic: Say Hello to Vet Tech UA In our last Appidemic review, we introduced CVMA’s New UTI Tool. Meet a practical

Vet Appidemic: AAHA and Epocrates

Vet Appidemic: AAHA App and Epocrates The Appidemic is back! This time we’re introducing one veterinary-specific

Industry Tech: Say Hello to Smart Flow Sheet

Introducing Smart Flow Sheet™ VMD Technology is on a simple mission: to connect the veterinary world

Vet Appidemic: Pet Poison Helpline and Compendium of Vet Products

Vet Appidemic: Pet Poison Helpline & CVP Another double shot of apps is on the way.

Vet Appidemic: UC Davis’s VetPDA and Abbott’s IV Fluids

Vet Appidemic: VetPDA & Abbott IV Fluid Thanks to those who contacted us! I get it…

Vet Appidemic: Ophthalmology & CPR Apps

Veterinary Advances: Small Animal Apps Finally, part 3 of 3! In this article, we’ll continue to

Techy Staff Training: An Exclusive Look at On the Floor @Dove

On the Floor @Dove: An Exclusive Look In Portland, Oregon lies a unique 24-hour emergency and

Vet Appidemic: An Equine App Explosion

Veterinary Advances: Equine App Extravaganza (Part 2 of 3) The Veterinary Appidemic rolls on! In this

Vet Appidemic: Target Reference & VetCalc+

Vet Appidemic: Target Reference & VetCalc+ Alert the CDC! It’s here: the first installment of the

VetGirl: The Next Big Thing in Veterinary CE

VetGizmo Spotlight: Meet VetGirl What is VetGirl? VetGirl is a new “techy” way for veterinarians, veterinary

A Techy Small Animal Triage Technique: the FAST Scan

A Techy Triage Technique: the FAST Scan The ultrasound machine is quickly becoming a popular device