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ASPCA Poison Control App

ASPCA’s Poison Control App Introducing an app that the VMD Tech Appidemic is long-overdue to cover!

VIN’s Techy New 3D Learning Will Blow You Away

A New 3D Way to Reference & Educate Every once in a while you come across something truly remarkable.

Appidemic: A Cattle Vaccine App

Appidemic: Scour Bos Vaccine Wheel Novartis Animal Health has recently released a new mobile application aimed at

Tech Vet | Lessons Learned With Electronic Treatment Sheets

Tech Vet: A Guide to Electronic Treatment Sheets Hot off the press! Here’s a new article by Dr. Caleb

Vet Appidemic: Two New Equine Apps

Vet Appidemic: Hagyard & Rossdales Apps Equine veterinary professionals rejoice! The Appidemic is back and we

Veterinary Consensus Statement Survival Guide

Veterinary Consensus Statement Survival Guide Spend a day working in a setting with more than one

Vet Appidemic: Pet Poison Helpline and Compendium of Vet Products

Vet Appidemic: Pet Poison Helpline & CVP Another double shot of apps is on the way.

The Veterinary Guide to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (Part 2)

Techy Medicine for Wounds: NPWT in Practice   We hope you enjoyed Dr. Franklin’s excellent introduction

The Veterinary Guide to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (Part 1)

Techy Medicine for Wounds: Meet NPWT Welcome to our two part series on negative pressure wound

Vet Appidemic: UC Davis’s VetPDA and Abbott’s IV Fluids

Vet Appidemic: VetPDA & Abbott IV Fluid Thanks to those who contacted us! I get it…

Introducing VetVine’s Online Veterinary Community

Have You Heard of VetVine? What is VetVine®? VetVine.com is a growing, global online community for veterinary

Vet Appidemic: An Equine App Explosion

Veterinary Advances: Equine App Extravaganza (Part 2 of 3) The Veterinary Appidemic rolls on! In this

Vet Appidemic: Introducing Veterinary Advances and Equine Drugs

Introducing Veterinary Advances (Part 1 of 3) Welcome back to VMD Tech’s ongoing Vet Appidemic!  Thank

Top 10 Veterinary Pharmacology Resources

Top 10 Techy Veterinary Pharmacology Resources In my (ahem, expert) opinion, there is nothing that veterinary

A Survival Guide to Veterinary Trade Publications

Veterinary Trade Publication Survival Guide It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s