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Introducing Prezi for Veterinary Presentations

Prezi: a PowerPoint Alternative PowerPoint can be an incredibly powerful tool, if used correctly. But as

Tech Vet | Dialing Machine Dilemma: Apple vs. Android

Dialing Machine Dilemma: Apple vs. Android Hot off the Veterinary Team Brief press – here is

A Veterinary Perspective on a Techy Canine Health Band

Meet a Techy Canine Health Band   Wearable human, and now pet, technology is all the rage. But how

Why Every Veterinary Hospital Should Allow Smartphone Use

The Case for Smartphones & Internet   “Look out, practice owners and managers—I am on a mission

Tech Vet | Lessons Learned With Electronic Treatment Sheets

Tech Vet: A Guide to Electronic Treatment Sheets Hot off the press! Here’s a new article by Dr. Caleb

Appidemic: Antimicrobial SmartVet by CVMA

Appidemic: Antimicrobial SmartVet The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, with funding support from the Canadian Animal Health

Poll Everywhere: Spice Up Your Presentations

Say Hello to Poll Everywhere Let’s face it. Whether it involves training your staff, keynoting the

Your Chromecastic Waiting Room

Your Chromecastic Waiting Room Have you heard of this tiny, simple, and powerful device from Google

Access Your Veterinary Practice Software From Home

Terminal Servers for Veterinary Hospitals Have you read our series on the benefits of cloud computing

Five Reasons to Adopt Cloud Technology in Veterinary Practice

Tails in the Cloud (Part 1): 5 Reasons to Adopt We’re excited to have the expertise

Industry Tech: Say Hello to Smart Flow Sheet

Introducing Smart Flow Sheet™ VMD Technology is on a simple mission: to connect the veterinary world

The Veterinary Guide to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (Part 2)

Techy Medicine for Wounds: NPWT in Practice   We hope you enjoyed Dr. Franklin’s excellent introduction

The Veterinary Guide to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (Part 1)

Techy Medicine for Wounds: Meet NPWT Welcome to our two part series on negative pressure wound

A Photography Tool You Can’t Live Without

Veterinary Medicine, Meet Eye-Fi In addition to our day job healing animals, many veterinary professionals also

A Techy Way to Do Your Veterinary Voicemail

Go Ahead, Give Out Your Cell Number In June of 2013, Dr. Marty Becker wrote an

11 Ways to Doctor with Google Drive (Cloud Vet 2)

11 Ways to Doctor with Google Drive (Cloud Vet 2) Getting Started With Google Drive To

The Veterinarian and the Cloud (Cloud Vet 1)

The Veterinarian and the Cloud (Cloud Vet 1) A Little Background Welcome to the two-part series on

Google Glass in Veterinary Medicine?

VetGizmo Spotlight: Google Glass What is a VetGizmo? From time to time VMD Tech will highlight