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Happy Veterinary Technician Week 2013!

Happy Veterinary Technician Week! In 1993, US Congress declared the third week in October National Veterinary

Veterinary Team Brief Introduces VMD Technology

VTB Announces VMD Technology Launch We are excited to report that the September 2013 edition of Veterinary

Vet Appidemic in the News: VetVine Video Series

VetVine + VMD Technology Video Series We’re excited to announce that VMD Technology is being featured

It’s a Veterinary Appidemic! An Intro

The Veterinary Appidemic Begins Smartphones and tablets, consider yourselves warned. Veterinary professionals are coming! Welcome to

VMD Tech’s Interview on Small Animal Talk

VMD Technology in the News! Dr. Caleb Frankel was recently interviewed by to discuss VMD

The Non-Techy Guide to this Website

The Non-Techy Guide to this Website Techy: tech-y [tech-ee], noun, pl techies – a person who

VMD Technology Launches!

VMD Technology Launches! Technology should do the hard work so that people can get on with