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The State of Veterinary Practice Software

State of Veterinary Practice Software   In 2015, in honor of a technology issue of Veterinary Team

A New Tool Connecting Veterinary Practices

The Portal Arrives: Meet rVetLink  Last year I wrote about the State of Veterinary Practice Software in Veterinary

ASPCA Poison Control App

ASPCA’s Poison Control App Introducing an app that the VMD Tech Appidemic is long-overdue to cover!

VIN’s Techy New 3D Learning Will Blow You Away

A New 3D Way to Reference & Educate Every once in a while you come across something truly remarkable.

Electronic Veterinary Medical Records Challenges

Electronic Practice Challenges If your practice is currently navigating the electronic veterinary medical record (EVMR) transition,

A Handy Small Animal Emergency App

A Handy Small Animal Emergency App Every once in a while you hear about something very

Here’s How to Make Sense Out of Big Data

Big Data and The Veterinarian   “Think your practice treats only small animals?— Think again. Let

New Series! Introducing In Search of Software

In Search of Software: First Look at Vetify VMD Tech’s email box is bleeding from its

The New Plumb’s Digital: Behind the Scenes

Introducing Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs [Update February 2016: Plumb’s iOS and Plumb’s Android apps are available in the

Veterinary Crowdfunding

Vets, Pets, and the Crowd What do a facial-recognition cat feeder, a Fitbit for dogs, and

Access Your Veterinary Practice Software From Home

Terminal Servers for Veterinary Hospitals Have you read our series on the benefits of cloud computing

Busted! Five Myths About the Cloud for Veterinarians

Tails in the Cloud (Part 2): Top 5 Myths We’re back with another article in our

Five Reasons to Adopt Cloud Technology in Veterinary Practice

Tails in the Cloud (Part 1): 5 Reasons to Adopt We’re excited to have the expertise

Industry Tech: Say Hello to Smart Flow Sheet

Introducing Smart Flow Sheet™ VMD Technology is on a simple mission: to connect the veterinary world

Vet Appidemic: An Equine App Explosion

Veterinary Advances: Equine App Extravaganza (Part 2 of 3) The Veterinary Appidemic rolls on! In this

Vet Appidemic: Introducing Veterinary Advances and Equine Drugs

Introducing Veterinary Advances (Part 1 of 3) Welcome back to VMD Tech’s ongoing Vet Appidemic!  Thank

Call to Action: Veterinary Technology Survey

Call to Action: North American Veterinary Survey on Technology Calling all techy veterinary professionals! Dr. Heather

Hot Off the Press: A New Veterinary Medication App!

VetGizmo Spotlight: Timeless Vet Drug Index™ Communication is changing. Smartphones and mobile computing devices like the iPad