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What Is This?
Currently just a fledgling, this is a website for veterinarians and veterinary team members. For lack of a better term, it is technically a “blog” on all things technology in veterinary medicine.

From discussions about phones and tablets, to veterinary “apps”, to website links, to useful spreadsheets, to practice management software, to tech tools for your hospital, to cutting edge ways to continue your education, we hope to provide an organized space for the technology that exists to help us care for our animal patients.

Veterinary medicine is advancing faster than most can keep up. We have more to know and more tools to use than ever before. Thankfully, technology has advanced as well.

The goal of this site is to help veterinary professionals everywhere keep all that knowledge more accessible so that we can provide the best care possible.

We promise to keep it simple, practical, and current. The hope is that you will be able to take some of our ideas, and share some of yours, so that this website can grow into a useful resource. 

Here’s a link to some Frequently Asked Questions about this site. 

Explore, drop us a line, and if you like what you see, please share the site with all of your colleagues and team members.

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Who Is This?
Like you, my first passion was and always will be animals. My second is bow ties. With that said…

Bio VMD TechWhere were you when you saw your first computer? It is one of my earliest childhood memories — an old Commodore PC in my uncle’s basement in the 80s. Fast forward to middle school and I was teaching myself everything I could about computers. 

By high school I was experimenting with software and coding. Around this time, my grandmother was paying me (at her insistence, of course) for weekly computer “lessons” — how to turn it on, how to move the mouse, how to print. Very advanced stuff.

At the University of Maryland (Go Terps!), I found unique technology applications for studying and documenting knowledge that would help me later in veterinary school. During summer breaks I worked for a global healthcare IT consulting firm honing technology skills. And in vet school clinics at the University of Pennsylvania, many knew me as “the guy carrying around the huge palm pilot” (I’m quick to correct them — it was a Dell Axim x51). 

I’m now an internship-trained emergency veterinarian who treats small animals as a part of two 24-hour specialty animal hospitals with over 50 other doctors. Here, I’ve quickly become the guy “who needs a lot of desk space for all of his devices.” 

Working in this environment is wonderful but creates its own set of challenges when coordinating veterinary care at such a high level. Enter technology!

Since my first days as a doctor, I’ve been involved in numerous veterinary technology initiatives. I’ve attended software user conferences, served on a veterinary software advisory board, developed forms, spreadsheets, digital treatment sheets, electronic hospital communication boards, workflow systems, and continue to be intimately involved in the optimization of software and technology for rapidly growing general and specialty animal hospitals.

This led me to my current role as Director of New Product Development at Brief Media, where I’m tasked with overseeing the development of technology tools that will assist veterinary medicine at the point-of-care.

I’ve spent several years experimenting with nearly every type of technology in practice and have developed ways to optimize the care I can provide sick animals. Wherever I am, colleagues, nurses, and even clients ask me about the technology I am using at any given time. I’ve come to realize that resources about the technology available to veterinary professionals are scattered.

My goal is to turn this site into a place to share ideas that you may find useful. I hope it becomes a place where veterinarians can get (and suggest) up-to-date information on using technology to improve animal health care.

Thanks for Wagging In!

Caleb Frankel, VMD | Head Techy