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What Is This?
I'm your host, Caleb Frankel, and t
his is VMD Technologya website for veterinarians and veterinary team members. For lack of a better term, this is technically a “blog” and it's where I've been ranting about all things technology in veterinary medicine since 2013.


It started because I think veterinary medicine is advancing faster than most can keep up. We have more to know and more tools to use than ever before.


And I think technology, especially when thoughtfully designed, can help.

From discussions about phones and tablets, to veterinary apps and  websites, to spreadsheets, to practice software, to techy tools for your hospital, to cutting edge ways to continue your education, I try to provide an organized space for the technology that exists to help us better care for our patients.


For my day job, I'm an internship-trained ER veterinarian at a 70-doctor specialty/emergency practice. I also lecture, write, and consult on all things technology for our profession.  Previously, I was Director of New Product Development at Brief Media, where I helped lead the development and launch of products such as Plumb's Veterinary Drugs and New York Vet.


I'm now the co-founder of Instinct Science, a pioneering veterinary software company launched in 2017 to help state-of-the-art veterinary centers automate charge capture, improve staff efficiency, and enhance patient care. We're headquartered out of Greater Philadelphia and are already operating as the patient nerve center for some of the most advanced veterinary care centers in the world.


Caleb, his dog Voodoo, and bow ties.

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