Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VMD?

Stop asking me! V.M.D. stands for Veterinary Medical Doctor (or in Latin, Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris). It is the degree earned by veterinarians who graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Equivalent to the D.V.M. degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) awarded by all other U.S. veterinary schools, the “VMD” degree pays homage to the fact that the school was born out of UPenn’s Medical School in the 1800’s (awarding “MD” degrees). It remains the only U.S. veterinary school to begin this way.

Why the name VMD technology?

I had to call it something. And it rhymed. And rhyming works for him.

What if I’m a DVM, PhD, MS, BVS, BVSc, BVetMed, BVMS, MVB, CVT, RVT, LVT, CVPM…?

Don’t get caught up in a name! Diversity makes the world go round. Join us!

What does this blog cost?

It’s free and it always will be. It’s a blog!

What is a “techy” and what if I’m not one?

Great question — definition: techy. For starters, do not let this stop you from using technology to improve your patient care. Here’s how to “Adopt-a Techy”. 

How often do you write posts?

I have a full time job like you! But this website is a tiny neonate at the moment so there is a lot to talk about. I’ll aim to post weekly at minimum. 

Why are you the most qualified for this?

There are many veterinarians out there who are undercover (or not so undercover!) “techies”. Many of them are as qualified and we all learn from each other. I’m passionate about it and I think I have some useful things to share. Either way, this is a needed resource and I hope it helps you. 

What are your favorite tech tools in practice?

Check out the posts!

How can I contribute or suggest?

Awesome, now you’re talking! You can reach me on email or at the links below.

What about legal information and credits regarding this website?

The Legal and Credits page is found here.

How can I connect and get updated on new posts?

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