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Appidemic: Vet Tech UA

In our last Appidemic review, we introduced CVMA’s New UTI Tool. Meet a practical follow-up: Vet Tech UA by Worx Technologies.

Vet Tech UA is a FREE app created by software developer Sean Perryman and his wife Erin, a registered veterinary technician, who built the app from scratch together. It was released in September of 2013.

The app is clean and simple. It efficiently achieves the goal of guiding veterinary team members through performing a high-quality urinalysis, from the macroscopic evaluation of the urine to the microscopic examination of the sediment.

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Vet Tech UA includes pictures (provided by Erin Perryman, RVT) and descriptions of the different findings (casts, crystals, bacteria, etc), as well as pointers for handling and examining the sample.

Overall it is a great tool to keep near your microscope for quick reference and when training new staff.

Ready to try it? Vet Tech UA is available to download for iOS and Android users.

Bonus: the husband and wife team have also created a $0.99 Blood Smear app for iPhone (Android coming soon). We hope to see even more apps from them in the future!


About the Author

Dr. Marit Veeber is a small animal clinician from Estonia. Her special interests include emergency and internal medicine. In her spare time she likes to read, hike, take pictures of stuff and play around with mobile apps. She also tweets about veterinary medicine and manages social media for the European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

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