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Vet Appidemic in the News: VetVine Video Series

We’re excited to announce that VMD Technology is being featured by the VetVine community through a new (free) video series about our Veterinary Appidemic.

New to this? Check out the Veterinary Appidemic intro post »

VetVine is a growing online community for veterinary professionals full of helpful resources such as continuing education and specialist consultations (…stay tuned for much more on VetVine).

Two videos recently went live from VetVine’s Dr. Sheri Berger and our own Dr. Caleb Frankel, digging deeper into some of the apps we’ve covered.

Watch the videos below or subscribe via VetVine’s YouTube channel. For more discussion on all of the apps visit and check out their technology trends forum.

The Vet Appidemic is spreading!


Have other apps you use commonly? Help us build the Appidemic: comment or contact us. And for all the “techy” medical news you can handle, make sure you follow us on Twitter.

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