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Vet Appidemic: Ophthalmology & CPR Apps

Finally, part 3 of 3! In this article, we’ll continue to cover the Veterinary Advances suite of apps. In case you missed it, here is our first post on Veterinary Advances popular Equine Drugs app and part two detailing their impressive stable of equine apps.

The following posts are excerpts provided by Kevin Corley, BVM&S, PhD, DACVIM, DACVECC, MRCVS. New to this? Check out the Veterinary Appidemic intro post »


Veterinary Advances now has apps for small animal veterinarians as well as equine veterinarians (establishing itself as one of the leading veterinary app publishers) with 11 apps in total and many more on the way.

These are our currently available small animal apps including two essential apps for treating dog and cat eyes and a free app for small animal CPR . We’ve outlined them below:

Canine Ophthalmology & Feline Ophthalmology

Are you always searching for resources to help diagnose and treat obscure ocular conditions? Look no further. These two separate apps, authored by veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Natasha Mitchell contain almost 600 high-quality pictures of ophthalmic conditions between them.

More than just an atlas of the eye, these provide complete guides to examination of the dog and cat eyes. The blind eye, cloudy eye and red eye are also discussed with tips on making a diagnosis in difficult cases.

And all of those awesome photos? They are available on your phone or tablet without an internet connection once downloaded. A great feature for the veterinarian on the go!

From the routine to the obscure, both of these apps provides excellent full text along with the photos describing diagnosis and treatment of various conditions.

Canine Ophthalmology: Price: $24.99 | available on iOS only.

Feline Ophthalmology: Price: $24.99 | available on iOS only.



Last, but definitely not least, this FREE app gives step by step instructions for canine CPR including a table of drug doses and a rhythm tracker to keep you at the correct speed during CPR.

Your handy guide to resuscitation of dogs, this is authored by critical care experts in a partnership with Vets Now, the leading provider of small animal emergency and referral services in the UK.

(VMD Tech Recommendation: Those interested in CPR should also see the VECCS RECOVER Initiative)

Price: Free

Download & Further Information: App website. Available on iOS only.

Stay tuned for an announcement about two new apps (one small animal app and another equine app) from new expert authors at Veterinary Advances. Details forthcoming in a future Veterinary Appidemic post on VMD Technology (and at in the coming months.


About the Author

Dr. Kevin Corley is an internationally renowned specialist in equine medicine and critical care. He works at Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital on the Curragh in Ireland, in the centre of the main Thoroughbred breeding and racing area. Kevin is a director of Veterinary Advances Ltd, a company he set up with his veterinarian wife. When not obsessing about blood pressures and urine output in the middle of the night, Kevin enjoys cycling and photography in the beautiful Irish countryside (and trying to work out ways to buy yet more photography gear). Between one son, a horse (used for carriage driving), two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and three cats, there is plenty of competition for space at his house!

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