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Vet Appidemic: Two New Equine Apps

Equine veterinary professionals rejoice! The Appidemic is back and we have two more apps to share that you may not know about.

One is a useful drug formulary and the other provides an excellent guide to clinical pathology. Best of all, both of these apps are available for FREE to everyone!


Hagyard Pharmacy App

The Hagyard Equine Medical Institute based in Lexington, Kentucky has 135 years of experience in equine health care. The Hagyard Pharmacy, the official pharmacy of the US Equine Federation, is well known in the Equine community as a trusted source of equine supplements and pharmaceuticals, including ones that are compounded.

Their highly rated pharmacy app is sponsored by Merck Animal Health. The app is essentially Hagyard’s custom formulary built for mobile use that is of utmost importance to most equine practitioners.

The app has a simple interface that allow quick navigation between drugs as well as a very effective search function.

Once you navigate to the drug desired, the indication and dose is clearly provided. There is also a built in dosage calculator within each drug profile.

The Hagyard app also features an impressive Protocols section where practitioners can reference numerous treatment plans including Chemotherapy for Equine Lymphoma and Recommended Diagnostic Tests for Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

Lastly, the Hagyard experts are just a click away with the prominent Call Hagyard Now button.

Bonus: you can also access excellent resource on your desktop computer.

Price: Free

Conclusion: An excellent resource for equine veterinary professionals that is packed with quick reference pharmacy information. As a free app provided generously by Merck, you really cannot go wrong.

Download & Further Information: App Website, available on iOS and Android.


Rossdales Clinical Pathology

In case you don’t know them, Rossdales & Partners is a UK-based equine practice providing primary care, emergency, referral and laboratory services. It also happens to be the largest equine practice in Europe.

In 2011, they launched their Rossdales Guide to Equine Clinical Pathology (aka Beaufort Cottage Guide to Equine Clinical Pathology) app for iPhone and iPad.

The app is authored by leading equine veterinary pathologists and provides a useful guide to all veterinary clinical pathology related to equine practice.

Rossdales is organized into 4 sections: Diagnosis, Lab Tests, Sampling, and Reference.

The Diagnosis section serves as a broad guide to using laboratory tests in diseases, preventative medicine, and horse management environments. Each test has a detailed write-up providing background knowledge, recommendations on when to use, and finally how to interpret the given results. The information here is impressively thorough.

The Lab Tests section allows you to look up a variety of lab tests to get specific information on their indications and results.

Sampling lets you find detailed submission information including how to store different samples and, if you practice in the UK, how to package and send samples to Rossdales.

Finally, the Reference section provides a guide to reference ranges in all different equine life stages.

Price: Free

Conclusion: A uniquely thorough app that provides quick access to laboratory testing in horses. Every equine professional and student can benefit from this excellent app.

Download & Further Information: App Website, available on iOS only.


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